Saturday, November 24, 2007

AIDET: The 5 Fundamentals of Service

Page 94 of "Hardwiring Excellence" has Studer's wisdom on what is known as "key words at key times". The purpose is to let your patient (or resident, as the case may be) what is going on. I have often heard that the #1 cause of physician and hospital malpractice lawsuits is lack of communication. Key words are summed up as AIDET. First off, acknowledge the resident, preferably by last name. Next, introduce yourself with name, training, and experience. The D is for duration - how long the procedure or whatever it is is going to take. Then explain what is going to happen. Finish off by thanking the person. This is a good time to say "thank you for choosing [our facility]". So acknowledge, introduce, describe the duration, explain, and thank. Simple. It could be used by a RN before a complex wound care procedure on your new subacute patient, or the neophyte CNA could use it before giving a resident a shower. AIDET is one of those things that might need to be on the back of badges, like RACE. Especially if you want to create a resident centered culture.

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