Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yet Another Rant

I've got to rant again. Sometimes I'm afraid I'll never get back to "Hardwiring Excellence" because so many others thing are pissing me off. Anywho, I was in Nashville yesterday and about 3 in the afternoon, I finally had a chance to read the daily paper, the Tennesseean. The front page story was on nursing homes; specifically how 20 nursing homes in the state have been ordered by survey agencies to halt admissions. You can read the article here:

What really pisses me off is this quote from Ron Taylor: "We think they [CMS] are looking at violations more harshly". No shit, Ron. I simply can't join THCA's agenda to deregulate long term care. JACHO did wonders for improving the quality of care in hospitals, because they don't have minimum standards, they have optimally achievable outcomes. Why can't something like that happen to SNFs? Nursing homes have no quality. But why should they? There is absolutely no motivation. All CMS requires is a quarterly QA meeting. For the record, let me state that quality assurance is retrospective, while quality improvement is prospective. What good is a quality program if it can't keep problems from happening? Why aren't facilities using the resources the state QIOs have developed? Why aren't NHAs held accountable for their facility? (But they are, you say. Bullhockey!!! When DOJ shut down Life Care Center of Lawerenceville, Georgia they were no able to go after the administrator's license). The lack of quality in nursing homes really bothers me, and sometimes keeps me from sleeping. I just really had to get this off my chest.

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