Friday, December 21, 2007

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Waugh -- bless the bed that I fall on

I've finally finished listening to all 6 hours (actually 5 and a half hours) of Diane Waugh's most excellent series. I can sum her teachings up into 3 points:
(1) You've got to know each resident's life story well, and spoon feed back their long term memories to them.
(2) Empower CNAs -- treat them as equals on the care team, get rid of meaningless tasks for them to do, teach them how to properly interact with people (perhaps via scripts).
(3) 80% of falls are due to social causes, like triping on loose carpet or their shoelaces, or trying to get to the bathroom or bed, etc., and only 20% of falls are due to medical issues.
Take these three pearls and treasure them; use them every day. Listen to the mp3s (remember -- they're free) and apply them.

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