Thursday, December 6, 2007

QIO's 9th Scope of Work

Earlier today I received a set of powerpoint slides from a conference CMS had late last month regarding the 9th scope of work contract for the state quality improvement organizations. The QIO contracts aren't up for renewal until sometime in the summer of 2008, July I think, but it wouldn't hurt to start getting in the mindset a little bit early. The two primary focuses are going to be on continuity of care and resolving health disparities (apparently they weren't resolved in the 8th scope of work). Some of the QI focus areas are pressure sores (both nursing home aquired in high risk residents AND hospital aquired), medication safety (don't know yet what setting this will be for -- definitely hospital, maybe others), physical restraints, and MRSA (big suprise there). If you want a copy of the slides, go to and click on "Presentations" under 2007 QualityNet conference.

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