Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tidbits on Falls aka Blog about Waugh

I have just finished listening to the first two hours of the falls program I found yesterday. Here are some take home points:
1. Wheelchairs are bad. They should be used ONLY for transport. Residents should be assisted to sit in real chairs and couches. These transfers can be used part of a restorative nursing program.
2. In dining rooms, the centerpieces on the table should be potted herbs.
3. Get rid of alarms NOW as they do absolutely nothing but irritate residents and staff via noise.
4. CNAs should have scripts for interacting with strangers in the facility so they don't say anything you don't want them to.
5. The definition of a restraint depends on the resident's point of view; if it enables a resident in some way, it isn't. If it limits a resident, it is. Merriwalkers may or may not be a restraint.
6. Whoever responded first to a fall should be the one to call the family and explain what happened and that someone was there when it happened. They should then let the charge nurse explain all the "medical" details.
7. Bedside water pitchers are NOT required unless the resident requests one. Have a hydration cart where the residents are actually at and offer them drinks from a 4 ounce cup instead.
8. There is nothing in the State Operations Manual (the federal rules) that prohibit restraints as long as there is an order. They are bad, however, because they kill.

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