Friday, January 11, 2008

5 ideas on communication

Here are some simple things you can do to improve communication in your facility:
1. Ask the employees what is going great on their unit
2. Bring an employee to the daily stand-up (also known as department head meeting), introduce them, and spotlight their successes
3. Let the residents know how good you know the direct care staff is -- be specific
4. When you speak at staff meetings, base everything around a story. If you need to talk about the importance of fall prevention, for instance, begin with the story of a resident who suffered undesirable consequences as the result of a preventable fall.
5. Have a communication board on each unit. Each week, have a white piece of paper titled, "What's Happening This Week". Keep it factual, short, and sweet. To quote Quint Studer from page 224 of Hardwiring Excellence, "We learned that employees define quality communication in terms of quick wins on what they really need to know about. Newsletters that feature executives in suits just don't do it."

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