Thursday, January 31, 2008

If Nordstrom ran your nursing home

Nordstrom's is a chain of upscale department stores famous for their customer service. They only have one rule for employees: "Use your best judgment". Let's play a quick game of what-if and imagine Nordstrom being hired to run a nursing home (this is just the ICF wing; Disney can run the skilled hall). Residents would be able to participate in the activities of their choosing, and it wouldn't just be groups like church and bingo. Nurses wouldn't have superfluous charting, aides wouldn't be assigned useless tasks like putting ice in water pitchers that everyone knows are never drank out of. Aides would pretty much run the place, in fact, and nobody would have a problem with it. There would be fewer med passes. Administration would never be in the office, and all the meetings would be condensed into one. There would be hot coffee and fruit for visitors to enjoy, and of course the residents would be partaking as well. Mutual cooperation between everyone would foster a genuine element of customer service, with customers being all stakeholders and not just visitors and residents. But now it's time to return to reality. What can you do today to bring the nursing home just a little bit closer to Nordstrom's?

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Anonymous said...

Get rid of at least 1/2 of the 130,000 pages of federal regulations. Put the money "stolen" from facilities in fines but into facilities in the form of education and staffing. Allow staff time with the clients and their families