Thursday, January 31, 2008

Something to do during stand-up

During the daily stand-up meeting (a.k.a. department head), assign each person to go 2 or 3 tasks in the facility that will only take 5-7 minutes total to complete. Tasks could include returning an empty oxygen tank to the tank holder out back, cleaning up a messy sink area, helping a CNA with rounds, or getting a resident a cup of coffee. Put each task on a card and have each person draw a couple. Everybody participates -- no exceptions. This will do a lot for improving staff morale.

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Geney said...

Love this idea. Some places have all Dept. heads, pass trays and "work/sshmooze" the 3 dining rooms. Everyone had their assigned floor. Initially, there was some resentment if some did not show up, but then, when you could'nt show up, understanding fell in place. The understanding became, quite simply," I do it if I can." It got to the point where everyone, believe it or not, looked forward to it, and felt it was the highlight of their day. Honestly, it was only a 10-20 minute committment, sometimes more, oftentimes less than 10 min. It was great to watch an aministrator, a CNA and a Resident share a laugh and work side by side!