Thursday, February 21, 2008

Employee vs Patient Centered Healthcare

Hospital Impact blog had a post on this recently. What are your thoughts on this delicate balance?


Anonymous said...

I read your comment on the hospital blog. I would like to comment on the article you cited where a study was conducted and stated if a resident was not told what to do they would just stay in bed.
I am considered a change agent and am consulted to do so in many nursing homes in the Northeast region. This means I am usually in homes that are in crisis. I have found a common trend in these homes and do you know what that is? The customer (resident)is usually not considered in the daily operation of their home.

When the resident become the focus of the operation a profound paradigm shift occurs in the nursing homes environment. The residents are no longer slumped in their chairs because they withdraw due to the stress their environment puts on them but rather are stimulated and engaged in their daily life including the residents with dementia. Once this occurs the residents are no longer depersonalized by staff and family members but are emotionally connected into a social circle. You see we as caregivers (families and nursing home staff)need to see the fruit of our labor and when we feel we cannot help the resident we feel we are failing the resident and then depersonalize the resident to deal with the failure.
When a nursing home culture is resident centered you see more satisfied staff, families visiting more, but more importantly we see the residents enjoying their lives instead of just existing.

Alasana said...

I have been working in long term care for over 15 years and have nevr heard of the Patient centered Healthcare Movement. This week i am attending a 3 day training on Culture Change and Patient Centered care. I am a registered nurse and i love taking care of the elders in our community. I see this movement as a threat to my livelihood. With culture change we want to get rid of the medication cart and want to give the patient the power of choice which includes keeping and administering their own medications and treatment. If this becomes successful i may be without a job in the setting i love to work the most...long term care.