Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Medication Regimen Review Resource

If your facility's QA committee needs some help with medication regimen reviews, there is a course page from the University of Washington School of Pharmacy here that you will find useful. There are a number of course handouts that address things like breakdown of drug delivery systems (ie, how things can and do go wrong), classification of med errors, how to actually do a drug regimen review, Beers criteria, drug delivery systems in nursing homes, and lots of stuff on the law.


Ryan said...

How exactly do you go about tracking the number of med errors? I wonder about this when comparing ourselves with other facilities during benchmarking. For instance, say the med aide passes meds to the wrong resident (as your link defines it an "unauthorized drug error"). Then there is the other resident for whom the drugs were meant for. His/her dose has been omitted. So in this case, would you say that two med errors have occurred or just one (which ultimately precipitated the other and set everything in motion).

Matt Sevier said...

I would say that this counts as one error. Could you try using the CMS survey form used to observe med passes for errors? Email me if you need a copy.