Saturday, March 29, 2008

Are you a nursing home nazi?

I read an interesting discussion on the forums called "Rounds, Falls, and Skin issues". What caught my eye is this:

"On another note, this same study revealed another "secret." In war days in the concentration camps the prisoners were subjected to various types of torture. Among these was that they were awakened every 2 hours during the night and forced to stay awake for about 10 minutes and then allowed to go back to sleep. This severely disturbed their sleep patterns and thus, made them clumsy and confused during the day due to lack of proper REM sleep. Hmmm, is this what we are doing to our elderly? Is this part of the reason for so many falls and inappropriate behaviors?"

Does the way your facility take care of residents actually cause more harm than good? This is something to really think about.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is really interesting! I didn't know that, but after reading it, I can see the validity of that problem. As employees of a nursing home we have to learn to bridge the gap between doctors orders, and resident comfort level.

Micheller126 said...

Very true. I know how I felt as a new mom waking up ever hr or two hrs and then trying to fuction the next day. Now add in a dementia diagnosis.....yeah, I think I would have more behavior problems.