Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A most powerful excerpt from "Everything I Learned in Life...I Learned in Long Term Care" by Lori Porter

"At that minute, I knew there was nowhere else a high school dropout could go and have that much power and influence...You see, we have the power to make an old person feel special, beautiful, worthwhile, needed, wanted, respected, revered, admired, and productive, but we also have the power to strip them of their every dignity. That power should come with a warning, and we should all be reminded of it everyday. None of us fully appreciate or comprehend the power of our own influence."
Although this book has been out for some time, I just got the chance to read it last night and I was really touched by it. I especially appreciate the above-mentioned quote so much that I plan on printing up a copy and sticking it in front of my desk just to remind me how much power I really do have working in long term care. I think you should print off a copy too, and make sure that no one in your nursing home forgets that power either.

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