Monday, March 3, 2008

Quality Indicator Surveys

The surveyor's manual for the quality indicator survey program can be found at Under "Tab 9", you can find the phase II critical elements. These forms serve as a sort of "how to survey nursing homes for dummies". They tell exactly what to ask residents and staff, exactly what type of documentation needs to found in the chart, what needs to be observed, and which F tags should be cited and under which conditions. It seems that this could be a great tool for your facility's QA committee, as they would be able to take care of quality issues while preparing for surveys at the same time.


jes said...

For the past year the state of Conn. has been using the QIS process for their surveys. This process has resulting in double the number of F-tags of the traditional process. Also, the appeal success has gone away because you cannot debate or dispute a computer.

I agree with Matt that the sooner you incorporate the tools from the QIS process into your daily,weekly and monthly routine the better your outcomes will be.

Anonymous said...

Along with CT,Ohio too has been doing QIS process since10/1/05. In that time more than 110 surveys have been completed. The average number of deficiencies is more than double at nearly 10 (from 4.7).