Thursday, April 3, 2008

Book Review: Quality Management Integration in Long Term Care

I was initially quite excited to get this book and it came with the full blessing of AHCA. After reading it, though, I am rather disappointed. I was expecting a book that actually explained practical applications of quality improvement in nursing homes, and this book was not that at all. It is a discourse explaining the need for quality improvement along with a very broad based overview of some statistical tools. It is not at all practical and seems to be geared more for students in a college-based NHA training program. I am not as enthusiastic about interviewing residents, staff, and families about quality as the authors, mainly because I feel that most folks in the nursing home are petrified of retribution and will tend to give answers that they think administration wants to hear. One bright spot of the book, however, is chapter 4, "Internal Critical Issues", which discusses barriers to quality improvement. Overall, the only truly good thing about the book is that it doesn't reference Allen's opus magnum which I detest. Although I commend the authors for being one of the very few to write a book on such an vital topic, I really have a hard time recommending it. A better QI text is "Quality and Performance Improvement in Healthcare", published by AHIMA, because it is extremely practical and does talk about long term care at length.

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