Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nursing Homes: Focus on the Bottom Line!!!

You may be thoroughly convinced otherwise, but I think that nursing homes don't think enough about making money. Reimbursement is typically something that only the front office and the administrator are concerned about, but I would encourage you to get every single member of your staff in a money mindset. Teach them how nursing home finance works. Make sure that CNAs understand (I mean *really* understand) how the ADL and restorative documentation that they are responsible for raise the RUG levels. It is imperative that everyone in the facility appreciate the MDS. Insist that anyone who so much as breathes on the MDS gets certified so that they know what they are doing. Have an inservice for the licensed nurses on what they have to chart for skilled residents, and why. Conduct an open-house meeting as you are preparing the annual budget. Share your projections with all staff and get their feedback. By getting everyone in a money mindset, not only are you helping the facility but you are helping them. Although unconventional, it is empowerment at its best, because everyone can see that they are making a difference in the one thing that seems to matter most to corporate owners -- making a profit.

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Patti said...

Well I can assure that some nursing homes push the money issue so far that the aides become experts at cheating the system.

For example, when we have rationed supplies it really bothers most CNA's. Allowing two or three briefs a day per resident is just wrong but it's common practice at these money first facilities. The aides KNOW 3 briefs won't go far. SO, they take 6 and hide them or refuse to account for them. Across the board, this happens, all shifts. There's a secret little club of aides who are in the KNOW and who just don't allow these resident- neglectful policies to happen.

Of course at supply inventory time there is a ruckus and we see endless notices placed everywhere. New sign out sheets are formed for supplies; they are locked away or whatever. Doesn't work.

I think many CNAs are all too aware of the money angle, esp in the for profit homes where it's always about CASH and rarely about the CARE.