Friday, June 27, 2008

4 Thoughts

I was in a most excellent training session with Dianne Harris earlier this week. Here are four little tidbits I picked up on:
1. Sliding scale insulin is no longer considered appropriate for the nursing home setting. I will do some research and write more about this later.
2. Nursing homes are an excellent place for BSN students to do nursing management/leadership clinicals. This is something you should consider doing, as it is a great recruiting tool for RNs.
3. When interviewing licensed nurses, be sure to ask some clinical questions to make sure that their level of competency is where you want it to be at. It is suggested that you ask these 3 questions, at a minimum: (a)What are the signs and symptoms of heart failure, (b)How would you recognize if someone was hypoglycemic, and (c)What would you do if someone was having a stroke in progress?
4. Post the list of emergency stock drugs by the phone, so the nurse doesn't take an order for a med that can't be administered right then. It will also save a nurse the time needed to retrieve the list from wherever it is usually kept, which also keeps her from looking incompetent in the doctor's eyes.

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