Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Profiting from Private Duty

At the beginning of this month, the state of Tennessee enacted a new law that shifted a large portion of Medicaid's long term care designated funds from nursing homes to in home private duty care services. This has obviously caused nursing home providers a great deal of worry, a' la "We're gonna lose all our patients!" The new law is actually a blessing in disguise to nursing homes because it gives us a perfectly valid reason to expand our product lines. Having a nursing home to provide home care services is a winner. The biggest issue in private duty nursing is human resources (recruiting and retaining nurses and techs, credentialing, staffing, etc.). Nursing homes have been dealing with these same issues for years and have the tools to address them (although many choose not to use for whatever reason). Since most nursing homes have an existing CNA training program in place, training additional caregivers would not become a problem. Staff could (not should) be rotated in between private duty and nursing home divisions, and developing a PRN pool would be a little bit easier. Additionally, community relations could be maintained and/or improved, particularly in rural areas, and continuity of care could be taken to new heights.

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