Friday, August 15, 2008

Book Review: The Principles of Health Care Administration

I've finally found a book on nursing home administration that I finally like. If you've seen my reviews on, you probably know that I absolutely loathe James E Allen's Nursing Home Administration. I was at a used book store in Nashville on monday and I found a copy of Winborn Davis's The Principles of Health Care Administration for only $5, which is great because it sells for $103 new -- I think that's just a bit too much. The book is divided into four chapters, one for each of the four NAB domains. It almost reads like a commentary on the State Operations Manual because most, if not all, of the F tags are discussed at length. The chapter on financial management needs more practical advice on how the business office should be run, but other than that I was thoroughally impressed. I think it would be the perfect AIT text or study guide for the NAB boards. Although it's out of print on amazon, it can still be ordered here for $98.50.

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