Thursday, November 13, 2008

Everytime a CNA becomes a NHA, an angel gets its wings

I very rarely talk about myself, but I am going to make an exception just this once. I got my administrator's license!!! I went through the process in Michigan, because if you are a RN you don't have to meet any other requirements besides passing the state and national licensure examinations. I probably won't be running a facility anytime soon as I got the license primarily for enhancing my ever-growing list of credentials and qualifications.

As far as that something special I promised, I am going to put up a NAB test that I constructed myself when I was studying. I found that I can learn and retain information better if I act as if I'm having to teach it, so a mock exam was in order. I don't recall any of the questions I made actually showing up on boards, but it should serve its purpose well and it will save you however much you might otherwise pay for a practice test (I've seen them go for $15 to $75 apiece). Look for it to come out either tomorrow or saturday.

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